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CAMO Software

Hierarchical Modeling: Improve modeling of complex data with a decision tree approach

The Hierarchical Model Development Module is a plug-in to The Unscrambler® X software for developing hierarchical models which can be used for off-line data analysis.

Our new software uses a powerful decision-tree approach for modeling non-linear data more efficiently, by allowing Classification and Prediction models to be joined in a multi-level structure.

Hierarchical models are ideal for applications including:
  • Fermentation monitoring in biotech or food
  • Gasoline blending in petroleum refining
  • Reaction monitoring in chemical manufacturing
  • Classifying and characterizing pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Optimizing workflows for routine at-line analysis applications

The software is designed to be used in R&D, Production, Engineering and QA/QC for developing and implementing run-time control models in process monitoring applications.

Key features
  • Multivariate Projection methods (PCA, PCR, PLSR)
  • Multivariate Classification methods (SIMCA, LDA, SVM)
  • Multivariate Regression methods (MLR, PCR, PLSR)
  • Accepts data in a wide range of formats, with advanced auto-pretreatment options
  • Alarms and warnings can be set with output in tabular format, including cell colours changing according to the alarm state, making it intuitive and easy to use for end-users.