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Reduce Cost of Exploration, Improve Well Performance & Reduce Process Failures

Reduce Cost of Exploration, Improve Well Performance & Reduce Process Failures
Oil & Gas is an industry with constant challenges, including fluctuating product demands, technological innovations and environmental impact issues. It has become ever more important to be in the front seat of the evolution of the industry and to constantly think smarter when it comes to locating new reserves and utilizing these reserves, minimizing dry wells and keep the cost as low as possible. To remain competitive in this complex environment, companies need to explore new set of ideas and techniques to achieve ever more demanding expectations from the Board of Directors, shareholders and consumers, while at the same time always consider the environmental impact.

This Infosheet discusses the real business benefits of using CAMO’s software and services in the Pulp & Paper industry, including example applications.

  • Reduce impact on nature with environmental monitoring
  • Detect and prevent out-of-control situations during production
  • Allocate individual wells contribution to the production

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